No Time Dad

A blog about web development written by a busy dad


Hello! I am a father (new-ish), husband, and software engineer. All three of these things keep me very busy, but I still like to learn new things and try to expand my skillset. Generally speaking, when I am not working I usually only spend an hour or so a day working on a new skill or concept. This is actually how I prefer it since I love spending time with my family, and given the fact that I currently write code for a living. As I've gotten older I have come to find that finding a balance with your time is the name of the game.

I started this blog because I believe there are other people out there like me who don't have hours and hours on their hands to pour into learning new things or working on side projects but still have the desire to keep learning. I believe that persistence and productivity are the keys to learning new things in a short amount of time, and that you can still be extremely productive in a short amount of time. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that you might even be more productive using shorter working blocks!

Most of the examples and tutorials you'll find on my blog are things that can be completed in an hour or less for most people. The main point being that even if you're a busy parent or just a busy person in general, you can still keep learning and improving. Thanks for reading.

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